Weather service using the OpenWeather API

I'm glad to announce a general purpose weather service that I'm developing exclusively for Geminispace, using the popular free API from OpenWeather. You can find it at:

This weather service allows you to fetch the current weather and forecasts for any given location in the world. The data is provided by the free OpenWeather API, through thousands of distributed home weather stations in addition to standard sources of meteorological data.

A convolutional machine learning model is then used to combine all the information and provide accurate weather and forecast reports with a fine grained resolution, including even remote places not typically present in conventional weather services.

For the last week or so I've been tweaking the output and asking some helpful beta testers to try it out and let me know what could be improved. If you are reading this and have found some bug or otherwise would like to suggest any changes or new features, please send me an email to: