Re: Am I going to listen to metal when I'm 80?

Re: Am I going to listen to metal when I'm 80?

This is a very interesting question. I must take it more generically though, because I was never a fan of metal. Surely I've listen to those metal bands that became so popular that one could argue they can be classified into mainstream. But, it was never a genre which prompted me to actively discover new artists/songs.

So the real question I'll be trying to shortly answer here is instead: "Am I going to listen to the same music that I do now, when I'm 80?"

I have no idea. I was always a nerd since elementary school and most of my friends listened to way more music than I did. Looking back, I think what shaped my musical taste was basically what I was listening on the radio as a toddler in the 80s and especially as a teen in the 90s. Many of my friends were listening to metal in their walkmans, whilst I was primarily taking whatever the local radios were playing. This was mostly pop and pop rock, commercial stuff.

It was only by the mid to late 90s and early 2000s (thanks to the Internet as well) that I started actively choosing new stuff to listen to. The main category that somehow got me interested was EDM, from absolute minimalist techno, to the most layered sets of uplifting trance. This transition between the 90s and the 2000s was a magical moment of discovery to me, which coincided with an explosion in electronic music.

I didn't evolve much past that till now. I still like mostly pop rock, although I listen to some more alternative rock as well and all sorts of electronic music. There are also artists that transcend any label/genre and to which I listen. Those kind of great singers/bands are usually intemporal and those are perhaps the ones I'll still listen to when I'm 80. Some evidence pointing in this direction is that I still currently listen to music from the 80s, most of which I consider true gems and like I mentioned, time independent. I find it ironic that mostly likely I'll still be listening to music from the 80s when I'm 80. Even better would be to be listening to music from the 80s when I turn 100 in 2081, by which I'd have to call it music from the 1980s.