Live bookmarks

With the advent of Web 2.0 lots of eye candy features started flooding the Internet, on the other hand RSS/Atom feeds a purely content based technology is probably on the top of the list for some geeks leveraging the way they read slashdot articles or check the latest posts on their favorite blogs. Though dedicated feed reading software or web based ones do a good job I'll rather use something embedded into my web browser.

Firefox allows you to subscribe web feeds through the use of live bookmarks which is a really elegant interface abstracting the user from the feed itself since a live bookmark is basically just another bookmark which you can place in the bookmarks menu or toolbar. Having said that, a live bookmark is slightly different since it expands when you click it showing a list of items which you can choose to read. Thankfully the majority of the sites I regularly read are already live bookmarked into a nice folder hierarchy laying on my bookmarks toolbar making my day a breeze.