Back to Debian

Alright, I'm back to Debian after having used it extensively in the late 90's and early 2000's. By that time I was a regular "RPM hell" sufferer, thus APT was the main feature which made me switch to Debian.

Initially I was comfortable sticking with stable releases, however the will to stay bleeding edge and the prospect of a rolling release soon saw me using the testing/unstable distros. From what I remember back in those days those were really a bumpy ride (specially for someone with a couple of years of experience).

Then I found Gentoo and it was love at first sight, until I got tired of compiling everything in old hardware. Archlinux was then my next and last distro hop, with good binary repos and a great packaging system it provided me with a rolling release which was actually quite stable compared with Debian testing/unstable. Not to mention ABS whenever there were no binary packages available.

However things change and after using Archlinux for the last 7 years my desire to keep on the bleeding edge has died. In fact, I don't have the time to keep merging new confs, fix packages when they eventually break or even the general housekeeping a rolling release implies.

Therefore, I'm happy to announce I've installed Debian Lenny in my latop and I feel just great! All of a sudden, stable feels great again for me, after so many years. From my experience I can definitely point out both Debian and Archlinux as the best Linux distros I've ever used, each with its pros and cons. I do miss a little bit the minimalism of Archlinux, but now I value more the stability and security Lenny provides me without any effort.

Maybe I get back to testing/unstable when the urge for rolling release gets back to me, provided I have some more time. :)

Above all I like to use the right tool for the right job at the right time!