Back after a few months

After the initial honeymoon period, my interest in Gemini faded a little bit. I think this happens with me often, because I'm a jack of many trades. I have so many different interests that I kinda need to juggle them around, struggling to find enough time for them all. The novelty factor also wore out a bit, but to be honest, I just like too many different things at the same time. Indeed, that's the main issue I have. On one hand it's great, on the other hand, it can lead to this.

On top of this, I must also admit that I still enjoy the web very much. No, I don't like bloated websites, I don't like slow rendering, I don't like tracking. However, I do like to visit a collection of known sites that are minimalist, load fast even on modest hardware and don't track me too much. Yes, that's right, I'm not too paranoid about tracking. My interest in Gemini was never about how it avoids tracking by design, although I do welcome that, but rather its minimalist elegance. I really like how simple it is and how predictable every capsule is.

On the web, using a good ad blocker I can get rid of the main annoyance of tracking, while at the same time taking advantage of some websites that are really useful. I know tracking isn't only used for targeted marketing, but honestly I don't think too much about all the ways in which my personal data can be sold. I know I probably should... The content I can find on the web still outweighs this price.

Why am I back, if I do enjoy a considerable slice of the web? Well, I guess it's about the predictability. This is probably the very best feature of Gemini in my opinion. It feels so damn good to always be assured the same basic structure will be there, no matter how many links I follow. I hate how inconsistent the web is, even when I'm visiting well designed sites. Consistency is why I'm back to Gemini. I've really missed this during the last few months.

So yeah, I'm back and I couldn't agree more with solderpunk's own words. Gemini is great and coexists peacefully with the web. I love both.